Current post: Selling Fluke DTX-CERTIFIBER-M – We Buy New Used DTX-CERTIFIBER-M (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Fluke DTX-CERTIFIBER-M – We Buy New Used DTX-CERTIFIBER-M (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Fluke DTX-CERTIFIBER-M MM Fiber Loss Test Set

Fluke Networks DTX-CLT Certifiber Optical Loss Test Set

The DTX-CLT CertiFiber® Optical Loss Test Set allows you to accurately certify two fibers concurrently over two wavelengths according to custom requirements or established industry specifications. Quickly and efficienty conduct troubleshooting with a conveniently integrated Visual Fault Locator (VFL).

Fast and easy fiber certification
Using the same platform and interface as the renowned DTX™ CableAnalyzer, the DTX-CLT CertiFiber® Optical Loss Test Set certifies fiber according to industry standards by quickly providing four measurements on two fibers and returning a PASS/FAIL result – without having to take the time to swap the main and remote units as you would have to with traditional test sets. Such speed and efficiency in testing can easily save you more than 100 hours per year! Also, unlike most competing OLTS, the DTX-CLT CertiFiber actually measures fiber length for you, ensuring that you do not have to rely on often undependable sheath labeling or pacing methods.

Integrated troubleshooting capability
Occasional failures are a reality in testing. The DTX-CLT CertiFiber’s on-board VFL helps you to quickly troubleshoot basic causes of failures such as breaks and macrobends. The bright laser VFL can easily highlight near-end fiber faults in addition to verifying polarity and continuity.

Professional documentation reporting
Test reports are often required as proof of quality. Use LinkWare to upload and manage test results from Fluke Networks’ family of industry-leading copper and fiber cabling testers including the DTX™ CableAnalyzer, OptiFiber® OTDR, and SimpliFiber Pro® Optical Power Meter and Fiber Test Kits.


  • 12-second Autotest – loss measurement of two fibers at two wavelengths, optical link budget calculation, and a PASS/FAIL analysis
  • Fast and professional test result documentation via the widely-used LinkWare reporting software
  • Optimized for applications ranging up to 10-Gig
  • Interchangeable multimode and singlemode modules (which are also compatible with the popular DTX™ CableAnalyzer)
  • Accurate fiber length measurement eliminate haphazard guessing
  • Continuity and polarity verification
  • Easy-to-use and widely-recognized DTX-based interface
  • On-board VFL to locate fibers and breaks
  • Speedy testing with FINDFIBER, MONITOR, single and bidirectional test features
  • Supports various small form factor (SFF) fiber connectors

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