Current post: Selling Fluke OMNIFiber 850 – We Buy New Used OMNIFiber 850 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Fluke OMNIFiber 850 – We Buy New Used OMNIFiber 850 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Fluke OMNIFiber 850 Microtest OMNIScanner 1300 MM

The OMNIScanner provides advanced certification for Cat 5/5e/6 cabling links to 300 MHz using an extendible digital platform that ensures unprecedented Level III accuracy. You can rely on the OMNIScanner to help you win any Fiber Optic Cat 6/5e/5 bids.

OMNISCANNER is the most advanced hand-held certification and diagnostic tool for the verification of copper links. The Category 7, 6, 5E (Enhanced), 5 and ISO Class F, E, D, and C tester has an extended frequency range of 300 MHz. OMNISCANNER provides full software compliance with TIA and ISO/IEC requirements for measurement reporting and analysis (including Length, Delay, ACR, NEXT, ELFEXT, Return Loss, Resistance, PSNEXT, PSACR, PSELFEXT and Attenuation). In addition, OMNISCANNER measures Length, Delay, Impedance, and Resistance on coaxial cabling.

OMNISCANNER’s graphical user interface consists of a backlit LCD display, quick access menus, arrow keys, and descriptive menu options that guide you through certifying or troubleshooting cabling systems. For test and certification of twisted pair cabling, the OMNISCANNER requires the OMNIREMOTE unit at the opposite end of the cabling link under test. OMNISCANNER communicates with OMNIREMOTE to obtain status and perform measurements from both ends of the link.

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  • Instantly pinpoint specific connection failures with S-Bands diagnostics
  • Test up to 300 MHz on class F links
  • Dual-fiber, dual wavelength, Multimode & Single Mode certification with OMNIFiber Adapters
  • Manufacturer-specific cable libraries pre-installed
  • Easily manage and document copper and fiber links with new LinkWare software

OMNIFiber Multimode Adapter Set

OMNIFiber is the first fiber adapter capable of supporting measurements for both single-and multimode fiber. OMNIFiber snaps onto the top of OMNIScanner 2, Omniscanner 1 & Omnscanner LT copper cable tester to transform it into a Multi-mode fiber certification tool. Using the OMNIFiber adapter, OMNIScanner provides a one-button “Autotest” that measures multimode length, loss and propagation delay on both transmit and receive fibers at 850 and 1300 nm simultaneously. It then compares the results to the appropriate industry standard and provides a simple PASS/FAIL indication of the tested link. With single mode fiber, OMNIScanner measures loss on transmit and receive fibers at 1310 nm.

  • Dual-fiber, dual wavelength, multimode certification with OMNIFiber Adapters
  • Easily manage and document copper and fiber links with LinkWare software

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